​Poke&Smoke Story

The Poke&Smoke was created because two friends, Randy and Cal, enjoyed each other’s company, hanging out in the garage, drinking beer and smoking cigars.

These fine friends, however, soon became discouraged to realize that each cigar stub they discarded was actually a dollar discarded.

This realization became the topic of many conversations between Randy and Cal. Their conversations led to a prototype that the innovative duo tested for nearly two years before deciding that this invention had real possibilities.

Poke&Smoke literally solved their problem by allowing them to smoke their cigars all the way down -- right to the end! No longer would these friends throw away their dollars in stubs.

The Poke&Smoke cigar smoking accessory gave Randy and Cal confidence to buy better cigars, more beer, and visit in the garage for hours watching Detroit Tigers baseball.

Two friends could never have become more content, more brilliant or more delighted.

 To this day, whenever Randy and Cal meet, it’s always with smiles, laughter and that rare and genuine camaraderie from which only greatness emerges.